Alex Michael Ramos – L2 Criminal

Name: Alex Michael Ramos

Level: L2 – Criminal
Aliases: Michael A. Ramos
Twitter: None
Facebook: Deactivated
Location: Marietta, GA
Education: None
Employment: None
Hate Groups: Alt-Right, Proud Boys, Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights (FOAK)

Date: 2017


Photo of him attacking Deandre Harris

Photo of him from the same day of the attack

A video of Ramos saying that he is not racist because he is “Spanish” and “Puerto Rican” has been posted by Atlanta Antifascists. The video was on Ramos’ Facebook feed before his his account was deactivated. It also shows Ramos discussing the assault on Harris. Defending Neo-Nazis and the KKK and stating that they ‘have his back’

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